How to automatically download and import HD to Windows Media Center

With a guide like this…who needs Hulu? 🙂 True a bit more work is involved, but absolutely no commercials with this method from Ben at Engadget.


First we set our favorite BitTorrent program to automatically download
our favorite shows using the magic of RSS. Then we query
for the metadata for the recording which includes things like the
original air time, the description and the genre. Finally we use
DVRMSToolBox to automatically process the x.264 MKV file (also works
with Xvid), converting them to MPEG-2 while at the same time retaining
the Dolby Digital Surround sound. And finally, it wraps the audio and
video into a new DVR-MS file in the Recorded TV folder — since Windows
7 support h.264 we won’t have to re-encode, and yes we’ve already
gotten it to work.