S1Digital launches new P500 Media Center and updates ProLine Series products for 2009


The P500 builds upon S1Digital’s already successful line of ProLine Series Media Centers and provides customers with powerful features in a high-end, custom designed chassis. Available with up to four CableCard HDTV tuners plus an  unencrypted QAM/ATSC tuner, Blu-ray movie playback with Profile 2.0 features, movie archiving capabilities, and three terabytes (2TB useable) of internal RAID-5 storage. The P500 supports […]

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HDPVR For Vista Media Center

Via Geektonic, big news for the Media Center world! Through the use of a program called DVBSBridge, support for hauppauge’s HDPVR is now added. If you haven’t read my review to understand the significane of this I will break it down pretty quickly for you. The HDPVR allows you to take your analog component HD feed (even DRM laced channels) […]

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Boxee for Windows – Music and More

Music is one of the features which Windows Media Center does really quite well–the layout is fun, easy to follow, useful and attractive. That being said, the features are quite minimal. You see the information which you provide via tags and little extra. Boxee adds a splash of innovation into their Music abilities, as you can see from the video […]

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