HDPVR For Vista Media Center

Via Geektonic, big news for the Media Center world! Through the use of a program called DVBSBridge, support for hauppauge’s HDPVR is now added. If you haven’t read my review to understand the significane of this I will break it down pretty quickly for you. The HDPVR allows you to take your analog component HD feed (even DRM laced channels) and record the signal. No more waiting for a CableCard tuner or DirectTV’s tuner and the quality is near that of what you would find in a native cable or sat feed hooked directly to your TV.

The file, which can be found here, enables all the major features of the HDPVR including.

– High-Definition H.264 Video with AC3 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound
– Set-top box control from Media Center though HD-PVR’s own IR Blaster
– All the goods that Windows Media Center has to offer… DRM free!

Configuration file can be found here.

Good news for Media Center owners 🙂