Z-Wave Automation Application Released For Iphone-Itouch

  Intelligent Designs Group, LLC developer of cellular software announces the initial launch of their Total Control suite of software solutions. More information can be found at www.totalcontrolapp.com which includes instructional videos, screenshots, manuals, diagrams, and other informational material. Total Control Z-Wave Automation Edition For Iphone/Itouch. Enjoy the ability to view live status & directly control all of your z-wave […]

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Steampunk SageTV


Would you like a spot of tea with your Band Of Brothers dvd viewing session sir? This SageTV skin designer will knock the bloomers right off of your grandma when you introduce this skin in your household. SageTV user’s victorian skin isn’t quite out the door yet but there is a nice preview in the SageMC screenshot thread :). Forum […]

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Home Automation Resources


Not too many years ago, getting into the home automation game was a cost prohibitive and something best left to the professional installers. I am not here to say you are going to duplicate a $10,000 custom install job. Well, let me say that I may not duplicate a custom $10,000 job, but based on some of the DIY jobs […]

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