SageTV V6.5.11 Beta 2/25/2009

Blu-ray playback via extender anyone? That’s right SageTV is keeping up with the Jones with a new beta sure to please HD fans. You will also find the new MPEG demux with accurate seeking is back.

SageTV Forum Post

Media Extender Updates
1. Added support for BluRary BDMV folder playback on the HD media
extender. This only plays the main movie of the BluRay; it does not
support any menus or other interactive features currently. It does
support multiple audio tracks, chapter selection and all the standard
playback controls. Subtitle support is in progress.

2. Fixed bug where we didn’t properly detect MPEG1 streams
3. Added support for HDMI hotplug mode changes for HD extenders
4. Updated native resolution switching code so that it’ll match on the
horizontal dimension or the vertical instead of just the vertical (i.e.
things like 1280×600 would play at 720p)
5. HE-AAC audio should now be properly supported (firmware update required)