Hulu Removed From Boxee

Hulu has been pulled from Boxee :(. Ow. Secondrun.TV has a better approach to this so hopefully they don’t suffer the same fate. Boxee two weeks ago Hulu called and told us their content partners were asking them to remove Hulu from boxee. we tried (many times) to plead the case for keeping Hulu on boxee, but on Friday of […]

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Hulu asked to be removed from Boxee

Sad, sad day…and has to make the developers of other Hulu plugins start to worry. My point i don’t understand, is why? What does Hulu lose by not having people use their website? I still have to watch the same annoying ad 4 times per episode…isn’t that their revenue stream?   two weeks ago Hulu called and told us their […]

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MythTV vs. SageTV Smackdown: Part II


In my prior article, I discussed several topics to consider prior to using either HTPC software package.  This included features, cost, flexible topology, and OS friendliness.  Today, we will cover some of the differences that are found once the software is installed. DOCUMENTATION/SUPPORT: Nothing can be more frustrating than to find yourself beating your head against the wall due to […]

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Life With A Plugin:


This program is very much in beta, as such rather than review it I will give you a preview of where it is at development. No episode # for this go around. In it’s simplest form, SecondRun provides a 10′ UI for the TV portal website. This plugin is the biggest development to come out of the Media Center […]

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Dream Theaters: Five Stunning Home Setups

Always near and dear to the hearts of all digital lifestyle enthousiasts, here’s a good showing of some very nice home theater setups.   Some home theater enthusiasts dream of kitting out their pad with 50-inch plasma HDTVs and surround sound audio in every room. Others refuse to settle, instead shooting for the moon with the type of custom cinemas […]

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S3 offers affordable graphics card for home theater

I wish some reputable site would review an S3 card.  They might be perfect for an HTPC.  Around $60-70, use less than 25 Watts, and hardware accelleration for Blu-ray.   The company announced Thursday the latest addition to its power-efficient Chrome 500 Series graphics processor family, the 850MHz DDR3-based Chrome 540 GTX GPU. The new GPU is capable of handling […]

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Snapstream Releases Beyond TV 4.9.1 Update

Snapstream Releases the next upgrade to Beyond TV 4.9.1. This update does not add any major features. It mainly fixes some bugs that were in the previous version. Placeshifting seams to work better. HD-PVR support is the exact same as before, still classfied as beta. There are also some minor tweaks to the web admin.   Bug Fixes – Missing […]

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