10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse

Not sure how much more I really need to say, a fairly amusing list depending on where in the "geek" spectrum you fall. I could *only* identify with 5 of the 10 listed…wonder how the rest of you score 😛   It’s tough enough to find decent geeky shows on TV these days; think of how much worse it would […]

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XBMC on AppleTV – Beautiful User Interface


As I continue to test, play and poke around the enormous amount of resources that exist for XBMC (Xbox Media Center) on AppleTV, I felt obliged to comment on just how stunning the visuals are. I briefly mentioned the user interface in my last post, but this is the type of appearance that can only be expressed with pictures. From […]

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Oops, I did it again!


Sometimes I can’t just leave good enough alone.  Let’s see…  It’s been a month since my last blog post, and a month and a half since my last issue…  So this time I had to be pretty creative in order to break things.  As some of you know, my HD server/development system died on me a little while ago.  Around […]

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AMD versus Intel: Which will be your next CPU?

My first several HTPCs were all AMD. Why? The main reason was always cost. AMD, for the most part, has won the bang for your buck contests since the XP days. That seems like ancient history today, though I am sure there are a couple of XP 2400+ HTPC still kicking around. Intel handed down the bitch slap with the […]

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