IR controlled power strip

Found this on gizmodo. This thing could be so useful. I’m not sure, but I’m hoping that each plug is controlled independently which would be great to physically cut power to things like my TV and receiver without having to pull a plug that’s hard to get to and still maintain power to the HTPC 24/7. I’m sure it could […]

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A Taste of what’s in the new Boxee…with Hulu again!


EDIT 3/6 @ 3:30pm: Well that didn’t last long 🙁 Good thing this update has some cool new features besides Hulu! By now you have probably heard the news about Boxee releasing an update with a different way of approaching Hulu. While previously Boxee had an amazing integration with Hulu, that service had since been terminated due to unknown reasons […]

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Boxee: new version + hulu update

Some wonderful news from Boxee as they continue to develop even with the ridiculousness that is Hulu. Now they’re bringing in an app-store to offer even more, and seems to at least temporarily have solved the Hulu issue.   we started boxee because there was an opportunity in the media center space for a product/company who put the user first, […]

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