HP MediaSmart 2.5 Update to include Placeshifting

HP has seen fit to include a bunch of new tools in their latest update to the MediaSmart line. The first one is the iStream iPod application that streams music, videos and photos directly from your home server. The second tool is a Video converter that will convert higher qyality videos into a mobile friendly size. There is a number of other minor updates this go around. To find out more, head on over to We Got Served.

We Got Served

One rather baffling issue you’ll notice here is that whilst DVR-MS files are supported, WTV files are not. As many of you will know, DVR-MS was Windows Media Center’s Recorded TV file format up to the release of the TV Pack 2008, when it changed to the WTV format. Any TV recorded in Windows 7 and newly released Vista systems will therefore not be supported for Video Conversion. I made this point a number of times to HP a few weeks ago when we met to discuss the plans for the software update, so hopefully it will be fixed in a future update.