CableCARD (still) goes unloved, except in set-top boxes

Ah, the joy that is CableCARD keeps rearing it’s ugly head.  How could something that was meant to work in the consumer’s favor get so far off the rails?  It’s no surprise that people aren’t choosing to use them in anything but set top boxes.


Cablevision’s numbers, for instance, show that its CableCARD
deployments increased by less than one percent over the quarter. This
means that the company did less than 167 installs in the last three
months, yet it recorded 2,138 CableCARD problems in its service
database. Even after they are initially installed and functioning, the
CableCARD ecosystem is a delicate one. Simply looking at your TV funny
can cause issues as varied as blank channels, incomplete channel
lineups, and inscrutable onscreen error codes.