The In-Ear Headphone Face-Off @ S&V

After a few months of Zune’s premium in-ear phones, I am in the market for something a little better. I am not sure I am willing to spend $150-$200 on a pair but considering the amount of time I use them at work, it might be the way to go. Check out S&V’s review of 6 in-ear phones in the […]

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Coming Soon New Movie Collector MCE 6.0


If you recall, I reviewed Movie Collector 5.0 a month ago or so. I got a reply back a few days later they were working on a new version and will try to incorporate the suggestions I had in my review. V 6 is set to hit tomorrow and a slew of new features are included in the cataloging program […]

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SageMC: 6.3.8a Release – Fresh With FanArt


Looking to add a little pizazz to your SageMC setup? A dose of fan art should do the trick. When FanArt is enabled in SageMC it allowed for custom backgrounds for each media file. If you browse other HTPC programs, you are already familiar with the concept as it has been implemented in XBMC, MP and others. As usual, Brent […]

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Unboxing: SageTV HD Theater (HD200)

HD200 - Front

There has been quite some speculation on the SageTV forums about what the next gen SageTV HD extender would encompass since it’s existence was "leaked" in late September.  Everything from an onboard Blu-Ray player, external IR sensor, to a significant reduction in cost was mentioned.  In the end when the HD200 was revealed, what we got was a more compact […]

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The Best Deals and Steals On The HD GURU’s Recommended HDTVs

The HD Guru, his real name escapes me, always looks out for your best interest. He has the scoop on some of the hot TV deals out there.   Pio/PDP5020FD 1080p Plasma 50” $3999.99/$2499.99 JR Pan/TH42PX80U 768p Plasma 42” $799.99/$649.99 JR Sam/LN40A630* 1080p LCD 40” $1599.99/$1199.99 BB&CC Sam/LN46A630* 1080p LCD 46” $1899.99/$1399.99 BB&CC Son/KDL32XBR6 1080p LCD 32” $1199/$999.99 BB Note-This […]

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