SageMC: 6.3.8a Release – Fresh With FanArt


Looking to add a little pizazz to your SageMC setup? A dose of fan art should do the trick. When FanArt is enabled in SageMC it allowed for custom backgrounds for each media file. If you browse other HTPC programs, you are already familiar with the concept as it has been implemented in XBMC, MP and others.

As usual, Brent of GeekTonic fame, has been hard at work taking screen caps and guiding you through the FanArt process.

Geek Tonic

This screen-shot is from the same details screen as above, again for the "Aeon Flux" Movie except this time FanArt is enabled and the custom "Aeon Flux" FanArt background is displayed instead of the standard background. Some will prefer the standard background, but the effect is striking to me and something I’ve switched over to on my setup. I ran it by my wife for her opinion and she liked the custom backgrounds as well.

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