Coming Soon New Movie Collector MCE 6.0


If you recall, I reviewed Movie Collector 5.0 a month ago or so. I got a reply back a few days later they were working on a new version and will try to incorporate the suggestions I had in my review. V 6 is set to hit tomorrow and a slew of new features are included in the cataloging program (top notch btw) and the VMC plugin.

A few of the new features include:

DVD Mounting – Use Daemon Tools to mount your images

PowerDVD 8 Support – This can be selected as the default player. I hope this means they will include Arscoft Total Media Support

New Page transitions

Screen Save Mode

Along with these new features there are several new "views" added that are very slick. Click the read more link for a few examples.


This new version of Movie Collector MCE has been completely rewritten from scratch which increased performance and allow you to do things like keep the same movie focused when changing views. Also no more hitting the back button 5 or more times to exit the program everything is done on the main screen. That about covers what’s new in Movie Collector MCE 6.0. The screen shots are not as good as seeing it in action but I hope you like what you have seen so far. In closing I want to congratulate everyone that worked on the OML project. What they did for the Media Center community was a great thing and they really inspired me to step up my game.