The Media Center Show #146 – Pasquale DeMaio (Microsoft) – Media Center Enthusiast

Gotta hand it to Ian & his phenomenal timing. Hot on the heels of the data corruption bug affecting Windows Home Server, Ian gets his microphone in with one of the biggest supporters of it to discussit, as well as how to avoid it. Can’t wait to listen!

Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
02:00 Email – Home setup and DVD collections
05:09 Email – Update on Xbox disconnecting issue
07:00 Get a discount on Big Screen Weather and Photos 2 from BigScreenGobal
07:42 Email – Questions GigE
11:51 Media Center in a kitchen
12:38 Will digital downloads overtake Blu-ray?
14:27 Chris Lanier on Linksys Extender Part 1,2 and 3
14:54 Sideshow coming to iPhone, Windows Mobile and more
15:36 Will the next version of Windows Home Server include more entertainment functions?
16:54 The Media Center Show Live Friday 29th
17:26 Interview – Terry Walsh on the Windows Home Server Bug
18:10 Background on the bug (Microsoft KB)
21:15 Latest update
25:00 How to avoid the bug
28:09 Update on how to stay in touch
29:28 A message from One Voicedownload a free trial
30:25 Welcome to Pasquale DeMaio
30:45 Microsoft Virtual Earth
35:00 Getting in to Media Center
37:59 Connecting up
41:46 Using Media Center or Home Server
43:28 Tuner cards
46:50 Tagging music
49:32 Roku sound bridge
56:20 What would you like to see in Media Center?
1:00:00 See you on the live show, twitter with me


Listen to the show here