Convert Your HD DVDs to Blu-Ray

Got any "old" HD-DVDs sitting around?  Make them useful again. Wired By converting your movies to a more enduring format, you can ensure your movie collection survives the death of the machine that plays them. The process is simple in principle but excruciating in practice, thanks to the complexity of the technology, the myriad of applications needed and the predations […]

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CentOS 5.1: Stripped Install

CentOS Logo

CentOS is the community based clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Its stability and long release cycle make it perfect for building a home server or MythTV appliance.  Let’s walk through the process of installing a stripped down but very functional version of CentOS 5.1 which can be the basis for your next Linux project. Digg It! History   History […]

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First GeForce 9 series GPU to be launched on Feb 21

DigitTimes Nvidia is planning to launch its first GeForce 9 series graphics chip, the GeForce 9600 GT (G94), for the mid-range market on February 21, according to sources at graphics card makers. The pertinant details include a tidbit about hardware acceleration for the secondary video stream in PiP enabled Blu-ray and HD DVD titles: The 9600 GT adopts a 65nm […]

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