HTPC Tip Of The Day: User Experience With AMD’s new 780g chipset

cgsheen, a regular in the forums, has documented his experience with AMD’s new 780G motherboard. It appears that the 780G is working as advertised with smooth playback of HD discs. You can read more about his experience in this forum thread.

The 8600GT will be going into mothballs!  The 780G is in Mrs. Sheen’s HTPC – with the 5400+ (although I think I could have used the 4200+ with THIS GPU) and 64-bit Vista Home Premium. (I decided to do a clean install, and although 32-bit Vista has been working well, I thought I’d try x64 on Her’s too…) 

Video quality, HD-DVD and Blu-ray playback is EXCELLENT!  Every bit as good as my beloved 8600GT…  VC1’s play back at ~20% CPU usage – even the "difficult" formats run 60% or less.  Color and quality – very very good!