The Daily Button: November 24th, 2008

Building upon their previos beta release that added EVR support, 6.5.2 adds a few bug fixes to make your EVR experience a better one. They also snuck in multi-threading for transcoding. *Hint – Click the SageTV logo for the link.

boxee_icon.png Here is a poll that could be very useful to HTPC software makers everwhere. Over 1100 people responded to a poll that asks what content they should add next. HBO, Pandora, Netflix, Joost, and were the winners.

vmc_icon.png My Movies for WHS now  supports Flac lossless and Media Center extender firendly DVD rips.

whs.png WHS mobile, a plugin that allows you to control your home server using a WinMo phone, has reached version 1.0

vmc_icon.png Sick to death of coverage about Windows 7? In case you aren’t check out more coverage about Window 7’s new taskbar.

HTPC HotHardware has the scoop on AMD’s Maui HTPC platform. The platform includes a 780G mobo, low power Phenom, and an onboard amplified soundcard. I am slightly skeptical of an onboard amplifier card.

HDTV The HD Guru has a list of solid TV deals that are due to hit this Thanksgiving in the US. The one that struck my eye was a 37" Panny 720p plasma for $500.

This was a quick test of the new icons and Daily Button Format 🙂