The Daily Button: November 19th, 2008


Welcome to another edition of The Daily Button :). While I have your attention, I thought I would throw out a question to you folks. Does it make sense for to get involved in some of the social networks? Do you really want to see a twitter update of me laughing out loud at Who’s Line Is It Anyways? 😉

 HTPC & Extenders

SageTV has released a minor update to their beta which enables DVXA to work with EVR. I hope they put this behind them and concentrate on UI development
mp_icon.png I guess I was asleep at the wheel, but Brent (Geek Tonic Blog), is reporting that Media Portal will now join the ranks of SageTV & Media Portal to have support for the HD PVR. 
snapstream_icon.png It seems off you would want to integrate BTV with Vista Media Center (Why not switch over?). Check out this thread at the BTV forums and read more about it at The Geek Tonic

 Home Theater

HDGuru Given the already steep drop in TV prices in the last year, I am surprised that companies have to cut prices more due to the slow economy. However, the HD Guru is reporting that Mits and Sony are going to slash a couple of hundred dollars of most of their TVs.
vudu_icon.png Vudu’s XL2 to make the move to the Home Installer market. Of course that means it will not be cheap and you can not buy it through a retail channel.
EngadgetHD ZVOX 425 and 550 soundbars review. This won’t replace a 5.1 system but it will be much better then your TV speakers.
 S&V Onkyo TX-SR576 7.1 A/V Receiver $499 MSRP review. You won’t find any next gen CODECs at this price point.


br_icon.png Groundhog Day to make the move to Blu-ray in Janurary :).
EngadgetHD  Sony Bravia Internet Video Link review. It’s lookin like a snoozer.