High definition audio wiring guide


So folks you’re sold on Blu-ray, and you want to connect your new Blu-ray enabled home theater PC to your killer sound system, but which way is best? what are the trade-offs?  Let’s chart the Blu-ray audio formats first so you get an idea of what formats are used on Blu-ray, which formats are mandatory, and so on. Then we’ll discuss the ways to connect your HTPC’s audio to […]

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The Daily Button: October 29th, 2008

Stay tuned for another great guide from Matt. After I finish posting up The Daily Button Matt’s guide will follow in a few minutes :). Content In a yawner of aannouncement, Hulu has announced they now have movie trailers . Woo Hooo Home Theater Keeping wires out of site is an absolute neccesity in the WAF department. It is a […]

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Myths and legends of the OCUR and SDV


I got inspired the other day to delve into one of the pervasive questions in Windows Media Center lore: the question of switched digital video (SDV) for CableCARD equipped Media Center PCs. The solution that is being put forth is the Tuning Adapter. The Tuning Adapter mediates between a unidirectional CableCARD device and an SDV enabled cable system. I’ll describe how […]

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Windows 7 Media Center Revealed


We Got Served brings you a preview of what we might be able to expect with Media Center 7. There have been some tweaks here and there but I do not see anything to revolutionary at this point. The new info. screens bring a lot of usability to the table that should help a lot of newbies. The Mini-guide has gotten […]

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MTV’s New Music Video Site

I got wind of MTV’s new music video site and I was blown away :). There are very few ads, the video quality is decent and the hardest of all to believe is that MTV is playing music videos. Here is a sample from a legendary performer.       Weird Al Yankovic |MTV Music

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The Daily Button:


Content EngadgetHD has their weekly roundup of this week’s Blu-ray releases . It used to be pretty slim pickin’s for quality Blu-ray releases and it turns out this week is feeling nostalgic. Tinker Bell, for my young one of course, is one I might be interested in. Tivo is getting some Disney love via CinemaNow. You read a lot of […]

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Lothar’s Build Log R0.2.4

Ok, I finally did it.  I found out where my video issue was while running Mythtv under Linux.  The symptom that I saw was that when using xv-blit as the rendering setting under the Playback setup menu, Mythtv would show the first three or so seconds of the video and then appear to hang.  When I look at the terminal […]

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I’m Annoyed – FUD in Review Articles – Companies That Can’t Do HW and SW

I’m annoyed right now. Intel apparently can’t deliver a motherboard that has working hardware acceleration of their new X4500HD graphics chip. It works on all the third party motherboards just fine. They updated the bios and broke hardware acceleration of all the blu-ray formats. Classic case of hardware company that can’t write software. They need to fix whatever it is […]

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The Daily Button: October 24th, 2008 Edition

If you recall, earlier this year we put out a call for help for graphics artists. Karl answered the call and will be helping MissingRemote.com with another revamp of The Daily Button. I would like to thank everyone who has stepped up to help MissingRemote.com. It really means a lot to us that folks would step up to make MissingRemote.com […]

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