High definition audio wiring guide


So folks you’re sold on Blu-ray, and you want to connect your new Blu-ray enabled home theater PC to your killer sound system, but which way is best? what are the trade-offs?  Let’s chart the Blu-ray audio formats first so you get an idea of what formats are used on Blu-ray, which formats are mandatory, and so on. Then we’ll discuss the ways to connect your HTPC’s audio to […]

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The Daily Button: October 29th, 2008

Stay tuned for another great guide from Matt. After I finish posting up The Daily Button Matt’s guide will follow in a few minutes :). Content In a yawner of aannouncement, Hulu has announced they now have movie trailers . Woo Hooo Home Theater Keeping wires out of site is an absolute neccesity in the WAF department. It is a […]

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