Myths and legends of the OCUR and SDV


I got inspired the other day to delve into one of the pervasive questions in Windows Media Center lore: the question of switched digital video (SDV) for CableCARD equipped Media Center PCs. The solution that is being put forth is the Tuning Adapter. The Tuning Adapter mediates between a unidirectional CableCARD device and an SDV enabled cable system. I’ll describe how […]

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Windows 7 Media Center Revealed


We Got Served brings you a preview of what we might be able to expect with Media Center 7. There have been some tweaks here and there but I do not see anything to revolutionary at this point. The new info. screens bring a lot of usability to the table that should help a lot of newbies. The Mini-guide has gotten […]

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MTV’s New Music Video Site

I got wind of MTV’s new music video site and I was blown away :). There are very few ads, the video quality is decent and the hardest of all to believe is that MTV is playing music videos. Here is a sample from a legendary performer.       Weird Al Yankovic |MTV Music

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