I’m Annoyed – FUD in Review Articles – Companies That Can’t Do HW and SW

I’m annoyed right now. Intel apparently can’t deliver a motherboard that has working hardware acceleration of their new X4500HD graphics chip. It works on all the third party motherboards just fine. They updated the bios and broke hardware acceleration of all the blu-ray formats. Classic case of hardware company that can’t write software. They need to fix whatever it is that is wrong with the bios and let people know that it is fixed. Articles are popping around the internet now comparing HW acceleration of the X4500HD to discrete graphics cards. Conclusion, while integrated graphics isn’t bad, the CPU usage is absolutely horrible and discrete 4830 is a much better investment for Blu-ray playback. The article notes that HW acceleration could not be enabled, and they link to a video that discusses the issue if you watch a lengthy movie about the issue, but they don’t state the problem up front in the article. HW acceleration is broken in BIOS’s numbered higher than 0075 on the Intel DG45ID. Intel is aware of this and trying to fix it. So let’s take this time to rake an integrated chip over the coals and laud the value of high end discrete cards.

Two things about this piss me off:

1) Reviewers not putting all the information in their article (even though they are aware of it as shown by their link to the video Kyle at HardOCP made.) Summarize the information from the video in the article, that gives readers all the information in an easy to digest manner. 

2) Hardware companies that write such buggy driver/bios/software code that their hardware with all of it’s careful thought and design fails to work.

Out of this:

Thumbs Up: Kyle at HardOCP for running this issue to ground with Intel. If you have the DG45ID, use BIOS 0075 (not 0079 or 0081).

Thumbs Down: Legit Reviews – Despite the website name, the review is less than legit. Apples to Oranges comparison -> Conclusion go buy this other hardware we just reviewed.

/End Rant

PS – I’ll go back to writing my build log now.