The Daily Button: October 24th, 2008 Edition

If you recall, earlier this year we put out a call for help for graphics artists. Karl answered the call and will be helping with another revamp of The Daily Button.

I would like to thank everyone who has stepped up to help It really means a lot to us that folks would step up to make a better site and a better community.


Along with their Plasma review, Sound & Vision also has a Top 10 list of the movies they want converted to Blu-ray .I can’t really argue with any of the movies they picked on the list. What classic movies do you want on Blu-ray?

LG finally got their Netflix enabled Blu-ray player to market and now it is Samsung’s turn to partner with Netlfix. This offer comes in the way of a free firmware upgrade for a couple of select Blu-ray players.

A bunch of Blu-ray news courtesy of Digital Bits has hit the web today. Topics include Best Buy’s $199 Blu-ray player and a ton of new release news.

TV Squad ponders if TV execs have gotten kinder this year by not pulling the cancel trigger early on.

Home Theater

CEPro’s 7 Products for the Connected Bathroom had me wondering what you could possibly put in your bathroom to enahnce your digital lifestyle. I like the idea of a small touchscreen to enable music and video streaming. I am not sure I require an iPod dock toilet paper holder.

It isn’t very often we get to report on a TV that is best out there but the HD Guru is certainly very impressed with Mitsubishi’s LaseVue L65-A90 .
For around $7000 you can have the first laser light-sourced TV that
will get you the same quality has the premium TV’s on the market such
as Pioneer’s Kuro Elite Plasmas.

Speaking of Plasmas, Sound & Vision has the Hitachi P50X902 in house for a look-see . It is no Kuro but it still does a pretty good job for its $3000 + price tag.

In other tech lines, offering a firmwar upgrade for $100 would get you raked over the coals. I guess Denon offering a firmware upgrad for thier AVR-3808 and 4308 receivers for $100 is nothing to write home about in the Home Theater world.

HTPC & Extenders

Go ahead and get your weekly podcast fill from The Digital Lifestyle. Windows Home Server located here and the Media Center show located here .

If you are a SageTV user, you will want to check out the Hauppauge HD PVR. Gear Diary has a review of the HD PVR but doesn’t cover the third party software support.

AutoExit 2008 R2 WHS plugin has been released. This spiffy plugin allows you to shut-down, wake and reboot machones in your home network.