New Version Of vmcNetflix


I missed this one a few days ago, but there is a new version of vmcNetflix out. Nothing to interesting just a few bug fizes to keep things operating smoothly. vmcNetflix page Release Notes Beta 1.1.6 (10/30/2008): Fixed issue displaying Instant Queue.   Fixed issue w/ listing all search items. Updates to login page Made install check less restrictive, now […]

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The Daily Button: Novemver 03, 2008

Welcome to another fantastic edition of The Daily Button. Second only Google in popularity on the Internet. Content Would you watch a show just because it is in HD? Yah, guilty as charged here. S&V has a list of shows that look good in HD and some actually fulfill in the creative department. This is a huge month in movies […]

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Looks Like Webguide Isn’t Quite Dead


I really have not been involved in Microsoft’s Live Mesh. My geeking time is limited these days but I do like what I am seeing based on various reports including what Ian Dixon has to say. While doing a little light reading this wording on Mesh, I noticed that WebGuide will have a place in the future including a Mesh […]

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GBPVR 1.3.7


GBPVR, probably the best free PVR software out there, has released a new version today. Version 1.3.7 has a few new features including a new skin type the brings a new look to GBPVR, which was sorely needed in my opinion. Why is it the software with the best PVR features and stable recording base tend to be the ugliest? […]

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