The Daily Button: Novemver 03, 2008

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Would you watch a show just because it is in HD? Yah, guilty as charged here. S&V has a list of shows that look good in HD and some actually fulfill in the creative department.

This is a huge month in movies for my household. TinkerBell is out on Blu-ray! It is rather amusing to see a site like Secrets Of H& HIFI review a couple of Disney cartoons but they do it and do it seriously.

An interesting study from the Canadian Press, their study shows that DVR use cuts in DVD purchases and not TV viewing. Makes sense to me, if I have a hard drive full of quality shows I won’t be as anxious to run down to the Red Box or Walmart to buy a movie.

In light of the recent Xbox/Netflix HD announcements, Roku wanted to let folks know that they will be offering Netflix HD as well .

Get ready for Napolean Dynamite to hit Blu-ray in February.

Home Theater

When you call yourself the HD Guru and people agree, you might want to take notice of what he has to say. This week he is pissing off a host of people by telling folks NOT to buy an upconverting DVD player for your HDTV. Why not you ask? Well with the price of Blu-ray players falling below $200, they are a bit more future proof and can upconvert your standard def DVDs.

Via EngadgetHD, the folks at DBStalk are lucky enough to get a sneak peak at DirectTV’s upcoming HR23-700 HD-PVR. Overall, they think the new HD-PVR is worth the price of admission.

Not surprising but here is another don’t pay for "extra services" at Best Buy. This time around they are fleecing customers who might want their TV calibrated. Get a professional folks.

HTPC & Extenders

Are you looking to add a little Christmas flare to your HTPC? Check out MP’s PurevisionHD Xmas skin:)



The TechReport & Hardocp has reviews of the Core i7 up. Another nice speed bump from Intel, another complete system you have to buy to upgrade your computer. Additional Core i7 reviews can be found at Benchmark Reviews and Madshrimps.