HTPC Nerdvana


I wonder what it takes to get a job in the ehome labs? After seeing a few of EngadgetHD’s shots, I would dust off the old resume :). Click here to see a whole lot more pictures of the eHome labs and the DirectTV HDPC-20 tuner in action.    

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Tip Of The Day: Accessing Content Via bittorrent


The other day, I heard about this little phenomon called bittorrent. I decided to check it out, actually I was interested to see if there was a plugin available for Vista Media Center. This let me to the TVitty plugin which integrates into VMC. tvitty is a plugin distributed by a company who has a small library of content available […]

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The Daily Button: November 19th, 2008


Welcome to another edition of The Daily Button :). While I have your attention, I thought I would throw out a question to you folks. Does it make sense for to get involved in some of the social networks? Do you really want to see a twitter update of me laughing out loud at Who’s Line Is It Anyways? […]

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