CES 2008: Antec


Antec had a couple cases on display at CES that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on.  Specifically the Mini P180 and the Fusion Max. Think Computers The Fusion Max is the latest in Antec’s Veris line of products. We all remember the Fusion and I still use it to this day. The main thing that set the Fusion apart […]

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Goldmund’s Media Room: A Dream For Audiophiles

Ah, we can wish… Phornix The Goldmund Media Room supports 128-channel surround sound! Using proprietary Goldmund processors, 5.1 channel audio can be re-matrixed in real-time to support up to 128 channels. Unlike the first room, the speakers and amplifiers are hidden behind the decorative walls. On the video side, this room supports 1080p and has an ultra-wide 6-meter projection screen.

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HD DVD Fights Back

Toshiba isn’t going down without a fight! They have slashed hardware prices across the board. Their entry line player is now only $150 and their top of the line sits at $300. Combine that with Amazon’s disc sales and you have one heckuva deal. However, for most tech folks, it would be pretty hard to plunk down this kind of […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 3: MCE Browser


Episodes 1 & 2 dealt with two of the most well known plugins for MCE, MyMovies and DVRMS-Toolbox . So I decided to venture out a bit to one of the more requested plugins which few people know about: MCE Browser. Overview MCE Browser is designed by fellow Media Center MVP, Anthony Park, and is compatible with both Media Center […]

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CyberLink’s Profile 1.1-enabled PowerDVD shown at CES

A lot of people are using PowerDVD to get their high def disc playback on their HTPC. With all of the problems I have seen, this latest version of PowerDVD should be heart warming. Not only are we getting Profile 1.1, they are promising decoding of lossless HD CODECs sucs as DTS-HD. EngadgetHD Apparently, CyberLink was busy demonstrating its forthcoming […]

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