CES 2008: Antec


Antec had a couple cases on display at CES that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on.  Specifically the Mini P180 and the Fusion Max.

Think Computers

The Fusion Max is the latest in Antec’s Veris line of products. We all remember the Fusion and I still use it to this day. The main thing that set the Fusion apart from other HTPC cases was the chamber design. The Fusion Max also features the triple chamber design that separates the power supply, HDD, and motherboard. This design cools the components better and it also cuts down on noise. Even more cooling is done by the side 140mm fan and the 120mm rear fan. This 4U design also has an LCD on the front that has a built in IR and volume control. Just like all of the new cases from Antec the Fusion Max also work with larger graphics cards.