The Daily Button Returneth – Janurary 14th, 2008

Have you had enough of CES and the format war? It is a lot like a good night out. It is fun at the time, but the next day kinda sucks. We are going to continue on with our business of bring you guys and gals the best possible guides, news and reviews in the Media Center Community. Lets get on with the news:

High Def News: HD DVD and Blu-ray release for this week @ EngadgetHD

High Def News: BD interactivity demo @ CEPro

High Def News: No profile 2.0 for early Blu-ray adopters @ Beta News 

Internet Streaming News: Netflix launches unlimited online video feature @ PVRWire 

Internet Streaming News: HAVA to become an Orb competitor @ PVRWire

MP3 Player News: 80GB Zune 2 review @ Bona Fide 

Home Theater Furniture News: Tips for mounting your TV @ Electronic House

Receiver News:
Integra DTC-9.8 THX Ultra2 7.1 SSP review @ Secrets of HT & HIFI

Video Card News: Palit 1GB 800Gt review at [H]ardocp 

Video Card News: Visiontek 3870 review @ AMDZone