FusionHDTV7 RT Gold

Fusion has released a new product to the masses . The HDTV7 has support for everything you would expect from a capture include Clear QAM and ATSC. Below is the full list of features.

Please see the key features as below.

1. Supports digital cable (64/ 256 QAM)/ Clear QAM.

2. Real-time clock (RT) function to support power-on-PC recording.

3. Window Vista Premium Logo certified/ Designed for Window XPTM certified.

4. Single tuner PIP (Picture-in-Picture) and Multi-view in simulcast HD environment.

5. Lowest heat emission in non operating mode for eco-system.

6. Real-time digital video recoding (DVR).

7. True HD time-shifting with FF/ REW/ Positioning.

The PIP certainly looks interesting but I am guessing it will not be supported by VMC;). Just a hunch. The Fusion guys have a great history of release solid products but some of the best features are often only supported by their own software.