The Daily Button – Janurary 22st, 2008

I am lacking a bit on sleep, so no witty ramblings today :). Just news. Canadian Record Label News: We get no credit for not suing our fans @ Ars Technica (good read) America Record Label News: RIAA website hacked @ Slashdot   OS News: Windows 7 to be released next year @ Slashdot High Def DVD News: Save HD […]

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OrigenAE S16V Review


It has been over two years since we first saw the oft-hyped S21T demonstrated at CES. The curved chassis caught our eye and we knew big things were ahead with the "S" series of cases from OrigenAE. Our first look at the "S" series will not be the opulent $1000 S21T but instead the more reasonably priced, but still quite classy, S16V. OrigenAE has been […]

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Soon-To-Be SageTV Plugin: New Mini-Guide


Perhaps the sexiest mini-guide I have seen to date has made an appearance in the SageMC screenshots thread. Biallo ahs created a very nice peice of work that has a a nice zoom-in effect that pops up a small summary of the show. A picture says a thousand words. Come on Studio experts, help this guy out! SageTV Forums This […]

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