The Daily Button – Janurary 22st, 2008

I am lacking a bit on sleep, so no witty ramblings today :). Just news.

Canadian Record Label News: We get no credit for not suing our fans @ Ars Technica (good read)

America Record Label News: RIAA website hacked @ Slashdot  

OS News: Windows 7 to be released next year @ Slashdot

High Def DVD News: Save HD DVD petition gets thousands of signatures @ Tom’s Hardware

High Def DVD News: Universal moving ahead with HD DVD @ Engadget HD 

High Def DVD News: Blu-ray players grab 93 percent of the market after Warner went Blu @ Engadget HD  

Media Center News: Convergence and the Media Center PC @ Electronic House

MP3 Player News: iPod vs Zune @ Anandtech

Video Card News: Overclocked GeForce 8800GTS roundup @ Hardocp  

Motherboard News: ASUS P5K3 Deluxe review @ Benchmark Reviews

Motherboard News: MSI X48 review @ Tweak Town

Motherboard News: ASUS P5K Pro P35 review @ Elite Bastards