TGB @ CES: A Discussion with Jessica Zahn

Jessica Zahn, a program manager at MS for the Media Center team sat down with TGB to discuss a range of Media Center topics. Nothing too much of susbtance except that DVD streaming will be a reality. We have no idea when, but Jessica confirmed it is already working.


Xbox 360 Media Center Extender Move on, there isn’t much to see here, she was unable to comment much on this and I didn’t really expect her to be able too, as I have said in the past I feel that Microsoft is locked into contracts with it’s third part extender developers and is unable to produce an update just yet. But I do have a feeling that one will be coming with Fiji. (Speaking of Fiji… Jessica was unable to comment at all on that, but I now know with absolute certainty that it is coming this year.. and no Jessica didn’t give that bit up, but someone else did.)