CES Bits Today – 1080i Capture Card!

First up, let me point you to a SageTV thread that has a couple of interesting tidbits but are lacking serious details.

In this post, Andy (Opus4) states that Sage is at the Echostar booth. I wonder what Sage has up their sleeve, perhaps a partnership with Echostar?

In the Echostar booth (Central Hall 9021) there’s a technology demo with an Echostar set-top box streaming live HD TV to a Pioneer Blu-ray player running SageTV software. It’s currently a technology demo only, no product release commitment from Echostar or Pioneer at this point.

In this post, Narflex hints at support for Hauppage’s upcoming component capture card. 

I’ve got a question for you all….so *if* there *was* a USB device that could capture HD at 1080i and encode it into H.264 that worked with SageTV….what do you think a good name for it would be?

In this post, another SageTV forum goer went to the Hauppauge booth and found out information about Hauppauge’s upcoming capture card. Priced at $250, this analog capture card should allow you to capture any component feeds. It sounds too good to be true.

They definitely aren’t at the Hauppauge both. I visited them today. But Hauppauge folks did show me a super-prototype new HD capture product: the HD-PVR (tentative name). Tentative price: $250. Captures full 1080p over the analog hole, so no DRM issues.I asked if Sage new about it or would support it, and the rep told me he didn’t think they were aware of it yet. So Sage folks: Please make some calls and start bugging hauppauge. I’d love to use this to capture HD off my cable box or as an alternative to the R5000.