HTPC Tip Of The Day: CableCard Resources

If you are thinking of getting into the CableCard game, here are a few resources that should help you on your way. Thanks to Chris Lanier for his hardwork in gathering a lot of this information and support on the TGB forums.

Dell XPS 420 CAbleCard Q&A

General Vista Media Center CableCard FAQ @ Chris L’s Blog

Don’t take "NO" from your Cable Company for Cable Card!!!

Vista and HDTV Forum at the TGB – Lots of CableCard threads here 

If you get a bad CableCard, return it to the company you bought it from NOT ATI 

Official MS Website for CableCards

Professional Installers Handbook. 

AVSForum thread that talks about issues that may arise when working with CableCards including 2400HD problems.

Blog: Are there other options besides Dell?
– Gives examples of other CableCard companies besides Dell.. Look in the comments for more companies.

Have any CableCard resources that you would like to share? Post them in the comments and I will revise the thread to include them.