Warner goes Blu-ray exclusive

I think the format war just turned into a blood bath. Warner will serve you HD DVD and Blu-ray until May and then after that, it will only be Blu-ray. Head on over to EngadgetHD for the full scoop. EngadgetHD "Warner Bros.’ move to exclusively release in the Blu-ray disc format is a strategic decision focused on the long term […]

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Dear President Of Zune Division

Dear President Of Zune Division at Microsoft, First off, I would like to introduce myself. I write to you not as a member of the press and I use that term loosely. I do write to you as a husband. A husband that knows all to well what wife acceptance means to his quality of life. Some may know this […]

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The Daily Button – January 2nd, 2008

I am pretty cramped for time, so here is a quick and dirty Daily Button. Receiver News: Denon AVR-588 review @ Audioholics Speaker News: How to assemble a do-it-yourself subwoofer @ Sound & Vision CPU News: Phenom 9600 edition review at Bjorn 3D  Video Card News: Sapphire Atmoic HD 3870 review @ Overclockers Club Video Card News: Palit GeFroce 800 […]

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Omaura TF AMP


Chris M., of Omaura fame, sent word that they are about to release the TF AMP will be hitting the market soon :). From what we know so far, the specs are pretty dang good and could easily use your HTPC and this as a Pre/Pro replacement. This, of course, assumes we can get True HD and other lossless HD […]

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Netflix Rolling Out Unlimited Watch Instantly to More Customers

The selection is still quite limited at only 6000 titles, but having unlimited video on demand would be a nice addition. Guess I’ll be looking into adding MCEBrowser to my new VMC setup sooner than later. 😉 Hacking Netflix Several readers reported that they have now been offered free unlimited Watch Instantly hours from Netflix, which was first reported in […]

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How To Convert Beyond TV Shows into SageTV


People looking for a more integrated solution and maintain the DIY feel are probably going to look towards SageTV. The problem is that you are not going to have your BTV shows show up in STV. Brent Evans uses a couple of different tools to complete this task and allow you to make the switch. Brent Evans Blog Why not […]

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