Dear President Of Zune Division

Dear President Of Zune Division at Microsoft,

First off, I would like to introduce myself. I write to you not as a member of the press and I use that term loosely. I do write to you as a husband. A husband that knows all to well what wife acceptance means to his quality of life. Some may know this phrase as ‘happy wife, happy life.’

No matter how you spell it, the goal is the same. With that said, let me get into my story: my wife stumbled across the Zune demo at Best Buy and said she would like one for her Birthday. Fantastic I say, I will get the chance to test out the Media Center functions. Great! I went down to my local Target and purchased the Pink Zune and tried to pick up accessories. Though the Zune had dedicated shelf space, it was DWARFED by the sheer magnitude of iPod crap. That is fine, lets face it. Apple owns this area.

Let’s fast forward to just a couple of hours ago. I gave my wife the present with the understanding that I would buy the accessories online. I think my exact words were… "Microsoft would have everything online." No problem. She picked out a matching pink and black leather case. It only seems right that one should have a nice pink case to go with a Pink Zune. Right? No problem. Well here I am, and I can’t seem to actually buy the stinking pink case found on ANYWHERE on the damn Internet. My wife went to bed, and I said… "Don’t worry, I will find the pink case somewhere…" WAF = 0. Not a good way to start off before she even opened the box.

The overall shopping experience powered by MSN shopping kinda sucks. Heck, CompUSA is still up there and it is going out of business.

If you want to be a player in the biz, get after it and have someone check your links on your shopping site more then once a month.