HTPC Tip Of The Day: Getting Started With MythTV


Dipping your toes into the MythTV/Linux waters can be a daunting outlook. However, with some patience you too can enjoy a Media Center based around everyone’s favorite open source software. Since even the Linux noobs laugh at my Linux knowledge, I let John, our Myth expert, supply me with a few links to get you started. Have any other helpful Linux links? Let us know in the comments!


Official Web Page:

Official Wiki:

 Jarod Wilson’s mythTV Guide:

User’s Mailing List Archives (searchable):

Development Timeline (for those wanting to see how
development is going):

Various MythTV linux distros

MythDora install walk through:

Mythbuntu install walk through:

KnoppMyth install walk through:

MiniMyth install walk through (small flash based