Sideshow Remote Available now


Sorry if I did this incorrectly or if this is old news – this is my first time submitting.

Alan: Jason, no worries! Thanks for submitting news. It looks like we can finally get our hands on a sideshow remote. If you follow the link, you can get your very own remote for $249. Yow! That is Harmony’esque pricing for this remote, it had better do a whole heckuva  alot. I guess the question is, do you giveup universal control for Sideshow info such as guide?


The Ricavision SideShow Remote The first and only Sideshow remote control Available Now!

Hit the read more for the full list of features:). 





  • IR+Class 1 Bluetooth with 100 Meter Operating Radius

  • 2.5 Inch QVGA LCD Display

  • The
    SideShow Remote Control allows direct access & total control of
    Windows SideShow functions of the Media Center. It enables you to do
    the following things:

  • Play Music
  • Browse music library by album, artist and genre.
  • Select "My Playlists" or auto playlists.
  • Select radio station by preset name.
  • Preset radio stations.

  • Music library, a shortcut menu:
  • Play Now stats playing selected music.
  • Add to Queue appends all tracks in the selection to the Now Playing list.
  • Open links to a page that shows a deeper level of media Content.
  • Now Playing List links to the Now Playing screen.
  • Home returns to the main remote control menu.

  • Enjoy TV
  • Browse TV program guide.
  • View now changes the TV channel.
  • Record schedules programs to record now or later without interrupting the TV viewing experience.
  • More opens a page of detailed information on the selected program.

  • Select
    recorded TV. For previously recorded TV programs, a list of programs by
    name and by date will be available, along with details about the
    selected program:
  • Program name, espisode title (if appropriate), program summary, channel number or ID, program lenght, program picture snapshot

  • Access Other Information
  • Select
    other gadgets on
    the SideShow remote control, and view information such
    as email, a calendar, news headlines, and weather.