Specs for upcoming Shuttle G6 Series

Shuttle has always impressed me with how many features they can pack into those little cases, but I think they’ve really outdone themselves this time. Case Desings * NVIDIA® GeForce 7050PV/nForce 630a chipset * Supports AMD® Athlon[TM]64 X2, Athlon[TM]64 und Sempron[TM] series (HyperTransport 1.0) processors * Up to 4 GB dual channel DDR2-800 RAM (OC to 1066 MHz) * NVIDIA® […]

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Hauppauge HVR950


  Hauppauge HVR950 ATSC/NTSC Hybrid Review You’ve probably heard by now that in 2009, broadcast tv will all be changing over to digital TV transition.  Because of this, any TVs, DVRs, etc. made from this point forward must also include an ATSC tuner. For the HTPC world this means that any PC TV tuner made from this point forward must have […]

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