Three MythTV Linux Distros

I have toyed with Linux for a while and even contemplated trying out MythTV. This article sems to cover Distro options fairly well but I am sure Myth users could shed some more light on the subject. My Series 1 TiVo is getting old, so I am planning an escape route based on MythTV, a free software system that […]

Read more weighs in on the format war

This is by far the best anayisis of the format war i’ve read anywhere on the web. Doom9 At the advent of high definition, hardware makers and studios once again teamed up in two competing groups, but this time, despite negotiations to get a single format, no consensus was reached. Interestingly, when the two groups had come together before the […]

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Sony gets jump on Blu-ray iMac with new TV/PC


Looks like a competitor to the imac. The article makes a brief mention of cablecard. Cablecard for $1900?? ARS Like an iMac, the Sony VAIO LT has all of its guts loaded into its monitor. It also has a 1680×1050 widescreen display, Vista Ultimate, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a built-in Blu-ray drive, 802.11n wireless support, and 2GB of RAM. The […]

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