Venturer HD DVD Player to Ship in Time for 2007 Holiday Sales — UPDATE


Finally one of the cheap Chinese vendors, as rumored earlier this year, has actually introduced an HD DVD player today. No MSRP details yet, nor are the exact specs, but it’s a pretty safe bet this is based on the Broadcom/MS SoC reference design and is the probably just the first of quite a few more vendors using the same basic design.

Venturer Electronics

Featuring 1080i video output and an HDMI connection, the SHD7000 is designed to be compatible with the vast majority of HDTVs already in North American consumers’ homes. With Ethernet connectivity to the network , the SHD7000 also allows users to access bonus features from movie studio web servers and unlock special prerecorded content on some HD DVD discs. Dolby TrueHD rounds out the high definition experience by presenting the HD DVD disc soundtrack as it was meant to be heard, virtually equal to the studio master.


DVDTown says they talked to a Venturer rep and got the scoop on their MSRP which is a very affordable $199. And you just know WalMart, etc. will discount it further.