Sideshow Remote Available now


Sorry if I did this incorrectly or if this is old news – this is my first time submitting. Alan: Jason, no worries! Thanks for submitting news. It looks like we can finally get our hands on a sideshow remote. If you follow the link, you can get your very own remote for $249. Yow! That is Harmony’esque pricing for […]

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All OrigenAE HTPC Cases 20%-40% Off at PCAlchemy


Lookin’ for a great deal on a case? Well PCAlchemy is having a great sale on their OrigenAE lineup:). Anywhere between 20 to 40% off:). The X10 looks to be an exceptional deal for anyone looking to snag a premium case:). Those 60 mm fans might require a little work but should be ok. forum thread OriginAE cases at […]

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