Question Of The Day: The Perfect HTPC Software

What is the perfect HTPC software? A very tough question indeed? Or is it? Do we need a program that is almost infintely flexible such as Meedio was? Perhaps something a little more Tivo like like BeyondTV? Or maybe something free like MythTV or Media Portal? What is your perfect HTPC software? Dare to dream big :). Think of the […]

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MP Skin: Xface Skin Version 1.0


I think I showcased a beta of Xface sometime ago, however, now it is out of beta and ready for prime time. All I can say is wow :). The MP skinners show some skill :). Media Portal As you can see in the screenshots, the skin use coverviews with 3D style and real reflektions. The buttons working with actionmenues, […]

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First Look: Internet TV Plug-in for Media Center

Chris Lanier, our second favorite MVP, has a first look at the Internet TV plugin MS just released. It looks promising, of particular interest to me is the full length concerts that are available. I would be happy with just that if nothing else. Click through for some screen shots and more. Chris L. Content is actually pretty good for […]

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Linksys v2 Extenders get priced

Wow that hurts Engadget Up first is the DMA2200, which will of course sport an integrated "upscaling DVD player" along with the obligatory dual-band Wireless N functionality, while the DMA2100 arrives in a smaller package (see it up close after the break) but keeps to the basics by omitting the optical drive. Both boxes are set to land this November, […]

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Linksys Ver. 2 MCE extenders sneak peek


Linksys Media Center Extenders Coming In November!  Bring your digital music, movies and photos to your TV or Home Theater It’s great to store photos, music and movies on your computer. But it’s hard to share them with friends and family. What if you could view digital photos, movies and high definition programs on your TV, and listen to downloaded […]

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SageTV HD Media Extender

Some people are awaiting the V2 extenders from MS, another group of rabid TV fans are awaiting Sage’s next gen extenders. All we had to work on from Sage previosly was their demo unit from CES but they have released abit more information to keep us drooling. You can expect the HD extender to hit mid-November, and for it to […]

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