Sony STR-DA3300ES AV Receiver


mmmm. My HTPC needs a lot more work then my A/V setup. If I were to start shopping, I am sure the STR_DA3300ES would be on the top of my receiver list. It pretty much has all the specs you could want from a receiver including portable music player support, spiffy TV UI, HDMI 1.3, upconvert, downcovert, sideconvert, and a […]

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MediaPortal RC2 released!

This news is a bit old, but I still need to give props to the Media Portal team for kicking another release out the door. They are now up to RC2. Though this release was mainly bug fizes, they did get a few new features in. Media Portal With the MPI installing new skins or plugins is really easy. […]

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How to run power to a wall mounted TV

EngadgetHD has a nice article on how to run power to a wall mounted TV. This certainly looks a bit more elegant that running your power cord behind the dry wall. If you want to improve you WAF with your latest flat panel project, hit this article up. EngadgetHD Like most things in life, there are many ways to achieve […]

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