Adding HD DVD (or Blu-ray) to your HTPC


This is the first article in a series as Missing Remote looks at getting the next generation HD optical formats into your HTPC. In this initial installment I discuss adding HD DVD playback to a typical Home Theater PC. While I use an HD DVD drive this article also applies to those wanting to add Blu-ray support.  Digg It! The Basics   The Basics You’ll need a […]

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xLobby Pre-Release 7

Not really news, as this release of xLobby just extends the expiration date of the earlier version. According to his note from CEDIA, you can expect a Version 3 beta a little later down the road. A little background info on xLobby, they were a freeware front-end app similar to Meedio that was recently bought out by a custom installer. […]

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SageTV V6.2.8 Release Candidate is Here!

Get ‘er while she is hot. SageTV V6.2.8 Release Notes 9/7/2007 Release Candidate 3 Core Updates 1. Fixed bug in transcoder STV url handling (caused crashes in MKV file thumbnail generation; and also caused thumbnails to be generated for the wrong time) 2. Updated DVB-T entries for Germany 3. Changed alpha cutoff level for when we don’t render a shape […]

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