xLobby Pre-Release 7

Not really news, as this release of xLobby just extends the expiration date of the earlier version. According to his note from CEDIA, you can expect a Version 3 beta a little later down the road. A little background info on xLobby, they were a freeware front-end app similar to Meedio that was recently bought out by a custom installer. The software is currently undergoing a complete re-write and looks to have solid potential as a commcerical application. Though, there is no TV mentioned anywhere in the roadmap.


I’m posting this from my hotel at cedia, someone came by the booth today and told me the old version was expiring today….I can’t remember their username but thanks for telling me….I’ve just been so busy with the new build I forgot to extend the expiration date on the old one. So we’ve extended the expiry date to October 20th on this build. The new version is just taking longer than what I thought so I still don’t have something you guys can play with. What most likely will happen is the new version, which will be called version 3, since the rendering system, and skin editor has been completely rewritten (I showed a little bit of this at cedia)…there are some other neat things we’ve added but I wont go into details right now.