SageTV V6.2.8 Release Candidate is Here!

Get ‘er while she is hot.

SageTV V6.2.8 Release Notes 9/7/2007 Release Candidate 3

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug in transcoder STV url handling (caused crashes in MKV file thumbnail generation; and also caused thumbnails to be generated for the wrong time)
2. Updated DVB-T entries for Germany
3. Changed alpha cutoff level for when we don’t render a shape on top of the Overlay to be 60 (it used to be 97)
4. Changed rules for re-linking MediaFiles with their EPG data when the data is updated after the recording has completed. SageTV now checks for a better overlap in time and won’t modify the metadata if it’s not a significant enough overlap.
5. Add longer waiting timeout for locking QAM DVBC channel.
6. FIX: QAM Scan failure caused by PredefinedQAM.frq or QAM Cache is enabled
7. Fixed bug where if any audio stream in file was encrypted we’d mark the whole file as encrypted
8. FIX: we wait for more packets to get channel name to lock the right channel if stream source changes program id
9. Fix the problem that irregular PMTs (different PMTs share one pid ) carried in stream mess up ATSC/DVB parser.

Media Extender Updates
1. If we’re using the transcoder which means smooth FF/REW are disabled; then do a skip instead if we receive those requests.

Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug where playback of a recording would lose audio because the audio tracks dynamically switched during the recording.

STV Updates
1. Added bg fill color behind Program Guide’s scroll bar.
2. Removed 3GP from the presorted list of conversion formats, because that caused it to be added when it wasn’t already one of the choices.
3. Fixed channel scan so that QAM channels aren’t added a 2nd time after rescanning.
4. Search Music by album title: don’t show any results of the search term is blank.