QAM coming to (Vista) MCE?

I cannot find any other info about the QAM powertoy from Microsoft so I would call this more of a rumor than news, but it is interesting nonetheless. I’m guessing that it is Vista only, but that is just a guess. Perhaps this could lead to running both ATSC and QAM through the HDHR. From the Silicon Dust (HDHomeRun) Forums:

Silicon Dust Forums

danielwollmann: I know that Microsoft is testing a qam powertoy for Vista Media Center, I already tried it, but didn’t work with HDHR, only with a hauppauge board that I have with qam and OTA inputs…. jafa (HDHR guru): The current release drivers [for the HDHR] operate in virtual-ATSC mode. We will be releasing drivers soon to work with the QAM power toy.