The Poor State of HDMI Audio in PCs


It wasn’t that long ago, we HTPC users were left out out of the high definition loop, sure we could get over the air HDTV, but that was it. Slowly HDCP enabled video cards became a common item. Vista and CableCARD support allowed people with the right PC to finally get premium HD content, and HD DVD and Blu-ray playback […]

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Paramount, Dreamworks dropping Blu-ray in favor of HD DVD

Score one for the HD-DVD camp. The article doesn’t go so far as to give their rational for the transition, but i’d speculate that the low consumer acceptance rate is making the higher production costs of the Blu-ray discs tough to handle. Engadget Affiliations in the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray format war have been pretty clearly defined for nearly two […]

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Alienware will be selling Cable Card enabled PC’s

Looks like Alienware is looking to add their unique style and price tag to the Cable Card market. Engadget The upcoming, higher-end phase of the company’s home entertainment line will be capable of handling two CableCARDs, will have four swappable hard drive bays (for a total of 4TB of storage), and will be available with Blu-ray and audio distribution options.

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